Klinická smrt - prožitek klinické smrti

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Is there anything (real and worth it) after death?

Can life be changed for better?
Is there a source of power and change that is free?
Dear page visitor,
Welcome on web pages that are devoted to public sharing of personal clinical death experience. I want to share with you this experience because I think it is interesting and in case of your interest it can enrich your life and become a part of your search for meaning of life and life quality.
You may read here or download or print the text on experience, its comments or read in-process book text about the experience of clinical death.
This book deals with detailed comments on particular parts of the experience.
If you prefer listening to reading you can listen or download the audio version of experience and its comments.
I wish you happiness, joy and peace.
In case you have questions or interesting inputs you may contact the author via electronic way



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